Services offered

Puppy Class

Private at your home or in a group

This would be the most important course, regardless of the puppy’s breed. I offer this course for a duration of 3 hours, of 1 1\2 hours at a time. The concept enables you to understand behaviors and teach you the positive training methods required to train your puppy in his new environment.The subject taught are as follows: canine language, leadership, housebreaking, nipping\biting, destruction, socialization, bonding. Upon purchasing a puppy from L’Élevage du Verger, this course will be offered free of charge.

Obedience Class I and II

Private at your home

Like the base course of Puppy Class, the Obedience Class I and II should be considered when planning to purchase a new puppy regardless of the breed. I offer these courses for a duration of 6 hours, 1 hour per week or according to your needs.

Canine Consultation

Private at your home

Canine consultation is to help you find the best way to deal with undesirable canine behaviors. I offer Canine Consultation and the duration depends on the needs of your canine. This consultation will help you understand dog’s nature and canine behaviors, which will enable you and your canine to get back on the right track. The educational method used is “Canine Language” with positive reinforcements which is excellent when comunicating with your dog. Learning to communicate will built trust, bonding and avoid bad behaviour.